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Lyrics written after receiving informative emails - before the planes, before the bombing, when the only bully on our horizon, apart from America,
was the Australian government during the Tampa episode, September 2001.
Sub-titled: Women in Afghanistan.
Duration 9 minutes. Three (S.A.B.) then four (S.A.T.B.) parts.
Seven rhythm. Arabic mode. Includes mp3 of two sections. Average difficulty.

Ave Maria
Meditation on Prelude No.1 by J.S. Bach. SATB arrangement by Bruce McNicol of Gounod's version,
returned from E major to C major where Bach wrote the Prelude (which is the accompaniment for guitar or keyboard).
2' 36"
'Ave you got any Dominoes? Free
Originally Confitemini Domino, now a sardonic song about gambling.
Lyrics and arrangement Bruce McNicol. Suit community choirs.
S.A.T.B. mp3 of verse 1. Easy.
Brand Name Culture
Written from an article by Phillip Adams with his kind, nay, enthusiastic permission.
"Shopping is the opiate of the masses . . ."
Italian style.
Duration 4' 08" S.A.T.B. Average difficulty.
Oxford Dictionary definition as a "chant". Everything you need to know about being friendly and sociable.
See Discography, Gregarious Chance - Really . .
.S.A.T.B.    3'40"
Jazz love song for friend, wife, partner, lover Lisa (she of reliable pitch). Complete cycle of II-V-I seventh chords.
"I wake, and my first reality is you . . life . . brings me back to you"
Love Like A River
2002 inspired lyrics from the heart of Priscilla Wightman, stolen only 40 years earlier, who writes, "harmony & unity, that is my philosophy...there is love like a river in my soul..." S.A.T.B. StandardMidiFile accompaniment available. 4'00"
 Re-written as a contemporary S.A.T.B. song from the wonderful writing of Kahlil Gibran in "The Prophet".
See lyrics and page one of score, and hear 22 seconds of mp3.
Duration 3' 04" (three verses) Average difficulty.
 Mobile Phones
 "Mobile phones are never in the same place twice". . . ."Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Racebook;
A dog detector, a radar reflector, a cat repellant and a warm fire glow.
How did we ever get by with a “give me a ring on the dog and bone”? . . . with an ordinary phone?
Humourous piece, describing all the things your phone must have nowadays. SATB acapella Duration 3'20" Slightly difficult in places
 My Son
A Fatherhood song to honour my son Miles, written whilst visiting he and his wonderful family early 2009.
"My son is one of the gent'lest men I know, I am so proud of him . . ."
For three part male chorus.
Tenor. Bass1solo. Bass2. Duration 2' 00" Easy.
No Monarchy for Australia
Music originating from William Byrd, circa 1600. We all know the government passes our laws, not the monarch. When an Australian government does anything reprehensible, the monarch does nothing anyway, so this is a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun poked at the fuss which can erupt on this topic.
The idea of the slightly strange 4th and 5th (solo) parts is that they represent the minor voices in our system of government.
For SAB plus optional one-voice alto & soprano parts.
Duration 2'00"regarious Chance
J.S. Bach's 4 part fugue in G# minor (Book I) is here mirrored by SATB lyrics which lure the ear from part to part. Different sentences sharing the same words, and different words sharing the same vowels. Good for students of fugue or singers with a sense of humour. See Discography, Gregarious Chance - Really 1'30"
A potted and funny history of Church music, moving from plainsong to parallel chant, then the tension and resolution of stationary notes, ending on a jazz groove. The lyrics, To Skin and Truss a Fowl, come from a 1948 "Advanced Commonsense Cookbook". 4'10" Sung lots, but not recorded yet!!
Gregarious Chance choir member Christie Fry gave the first line in conversation - "When I was a young woman my father said to me, 'if you don't cross your legs and stop asking smart alec questions . .you'll never get a man '..." Written for three women soloists with alto & bass "synth" parts and a mouth percussion solo tenor line. SSSATB. See Discography, Gregarious Chance - Really 6'00"
Vocalised drum/bass beginning. Reggae style. Unison, then 2 then 3 part.  S.A.T. 
"Since the people turned their back upon the Prime Minister in Melbourne, Reconciliation has become a process of the people, and will be . . . for a very long time. . ."  unknown speaker Woodford Festival 3'00" MIDI accompaniment available
Lyrics originally inspired by Cambodia. Music from 2003 because of the ongoing worldwide situation.
"One day when I wake, this hunger will be gone".
 Requiem 1
 Requiem means rest. Written between April and October 2003 in five sections: Introit & Kyrie, Agnus Dei, In Paradisum, Pie Jesu, Tantum Ergo. S.A.T.B. with simple organ (or piano) accompaniment, suiting performance anywhere by anyone. Mostly in English, with small amounts of Latin all translated within the song. Deliberately not difficult.
Requiem 2 Requiem 2 was rewritten between 2010 and April 2012. It is now about five minutes longer, is less simple, and has more musical development of ideas.  The accompaniment is specifically for two manual church organ with foot pedals (Ped. Clav).  
There Will Be Peace
Simple three part SAT belief statement: "There will be peace, if it can start here within me, here within you. . ."
Five verses written for the 2002 International Day of Peace. Can also be a round, with or without its harmonies.
To Elevator Music
Subtitle: When Geese Go Shopping. . . . "there was a time when geese didn't need Department stores . . ."
Two mouth flapping parts, plus
with vibraphone accompaniment. Duration 4'10" Humorous. Slightly difficult in places.
 Tropic Wonderland
A close parody of The Andrews Sisters' "Winter Wonderland", voicing concern about climate change:
"With houses afloat we'll all live in a boat, 'cause the coastline is kilometres inland . . ."
Three parts - S.A.T. 2'47"   With mp3 of beginning and YouTube link of complete song.
 Where Are They Now?
A chant dedicated to all missing people(s), specifically in honour of Australian tribes, beginning with Bundjalung (northern N.S.W.), and moving south. Tribal names are recited between the bars of the chant. The harmonies move through many chords, all of which include the note C, so it may be accompanied by a C didgeridoo. 5 parts SATBB. 3' 30" Not sung yet.